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Geo-Politics and Your IT Security

April 4th, 2022 by William Wentowski

Computer code with the words 'cyber attack, internet, crime, hackers' highlighted

When turmoil and political upheaval wreak havoc half a world away, it is easy to think that your business is safe and sound here in America. Unfortunately, that is never the case, and is when you should be revamping your cyber security and examining...

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I Hate 2-Factor Authentication!

April 4th, 2022 by Kim Reynolds

Multifactor authentication technology concept

Yep, that was me a couple of years ago. I got the company email saying that we would now have to “authenticate” via mobile device to access our corporate systems. Why in the world are the technical people making things more difficult????? Well, if...

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Posted in: Managed IT

Why Healthcare Facilities Should Strengthen Their Cyber Security

January 23rd, 2022 by William Wentowski

Doctor Taking Blood Pressure of The Patient.

Healthcare companies continuously face cyber threats that increases the safety risk of their patient information. Unfortunately, many healthcare leaders view cyber security as a technical issues that must be dealt with by the IT department. The importance...

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5 Mistakes CEO’s Make with Ransomware

November 30th, 2021 by Roger Wentowski

Closeup of an orangish-red metallic safe dial that has a padlock and circuitry on it

With the ransomware epidemic still in full swing, and with no clear end in sight, many CEOs are still scratching their heads with decisions on how to secure their network. They pivot from strategy to strategy, try to take on the burden solely in...

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5 Ways to Keep Remote Staff Protected from Cyberthreats

November 1st, 2021 by William Wentowski

Man with Beard Using Laptop Computer at Home, Remote Staff/Work from Home Concept

In the wake of the pandemic, employers across industries have given their employees the flexibility to work remotely. However, with the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, it is believed that many employees will either choose to work remotely or opt...

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Posted in: Cyber Security, Hybrid / Remote Workforce

Attackers Have Successfully Hit the Nation's Largest Corporations - Their Onslaught on SMBs Will be Worse - Are You Prepared?

August 4th, 2021 by Technology Assurance Group

A hand pointing at a lock icon, cybersecurity concept

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Shares How SMBs Can Protect Themselves from Cyberattacks and Ransomware Threats BIRMINGHAM, AL -BTS Technologies, Inc., a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), recently shared that some...

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Malware Is Running Rampant - Learn the 3 Moves to Stop It

April 13th, 2021 by Technology Assurance Group

Data Security system Shield Protection Verification

BTS Helps Customers Protect Their Precious Networks BIRMINGHAM, AL – BTS a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), proactively helps ...

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How Do You Recover From a Cyberattack?

December 23rd, 2019 by William Wentowski

Hacker in white sweatshirt with hood up and a black mask holding a laptop

Cyberattacks are a common occurrence in today’s business world. Hopefully, your company has security measures and training in place to combat such attacks, but mistakes can be made. If your company is the victim of a cyberattack, do you know the...

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Password Protection Policies

September 15th, 2016 by William Wentowski

At BTS, we want to help you keep your business safe. Best practices in password security are necessary to make sure this happens. Recently, we have taken the initiative to educate small to mid-sized businesses of these practices. In our education program...

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Posted in: Managed IT

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