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IT, VoIP, Data, and Cloud Solutions for Business

BTS Technologies is proud to offer a wide variety of IT, VoIP, data, and cloud solutions to our clients. Below we have a few short descriptions and a link to each of our products.

Cyber Security

Every business needs cyber security and they need more than a simple managed security setup. Businesses that are concerned with cyber security need an active, holistic approach to security that is more than smoke and mirrors "managed" services.

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Essentials Care

Essentials Care provides everything a business needs from a managed technology company while also putting them on the path to modernization. We work hand in hand with our customers to support their existing infrastructure so that when the time is right they can go to a hybrid cloud / on-site model or full cloud deployment.

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Cloud Complete

Companies looking to increase their flexibility, security, and productivity benefit greatly by moving to the cloud. However, choosing providers, making the move, and implementing the full benefits often proves confusing, difficult, and expensive. BTS takes ownership of all these issues with our Cloud Complete offering.

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Telephone / VoIP

The introduction of Cloud Voice over IP (VoIP) changed tele­communications forever. However, it highlighted a substantial hole in customer needs. Many solutions are one-size-fits-none with little direct support and worse implementation. The BTS TotalVoice suite of services provides VoIP technologies that deliver.

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Actively Managed IT

There are two things that are the backbone of your business, your employees and your technology. Let BTS take the management of your technology off your plate, allowing you to focus on your business and personnel.

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Reserve IT

Reserve IT is flexible allowing in-house staff to focus on initiatives and direct support that improve business and the bottom line. BTS takes the mundane, but critical tasks, of patches, security updates, backups etc. and owns them so staff can focus on the bigger picture.

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Data Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

BTS offers a comprehensive data back-up and recovery system tailored to our customer's needs. Our solution provides daily, weekly, and monthly back-up along with periodic integrity checks to ensure our customer's data is safe and ready to use.

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