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IT, VoIP, Data, and Cloud Solutions for Business

BTS Technologies is proud to offer a wide variety of IT, VoIP, data, and cloud solutions to our clients. Below we have a few short descriptions and a link to each of our products.

Cyber Security

Every business needs cyber security and they need more than a simple managed security setup. Businesses that are concerned with cyber security need an active, holistic approach to security that is more than smoke and mirrors "managed" services.

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TotalVoice – the ultimate VoIP solution that redefines business communication. At BTS Technologies, we leverage our decades of expertise in managing phone systems to offer you a versatile and robust communication platform that meets all your needs.

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TotalVoice+ is the ultimate enhancement for your Microsoft Teams environment. We’ve harnessed our extensive expertise to bring you a solution that not only amplifies the capabilities of Microsoft Teams but also provides unmatched flexibility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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ACES Managed IT

We set out to create an IT service offering that encompasses more than ensuring tech works. We want it to run smoothly and provide a competitive edge. To that end we created ACES; short for Alignment, Compliance, Education, and Support

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ACES Co-Managed IT

At BTS Technologies, we understand that managing all angles of IT can be an overwhelming task for internal teams. That's why we developed ACES Co-Managed IT – designed to alleviate your administrative burden, boost your efficiency, and provide the specialized expertise that’s hard to maintain on a small team.

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Data Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

BTS offers a comprehensive data back-up and recovery system tailored to our customer's needs. Our solution provides daily, weekly, and monthly back-up along with periodic integrity checks to ensure our customer's data is safe and ready to use.

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