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I Hate 2-Factor Authentication!

April 4th, 2022 by Kim Reynolds

Multifactor authentication technology concept

Yep, that was me a couple of years ago. I got the company email saying that we would now have to “authenticate” via mobile device to access our corporate systems. Why in the world are the technical people making things more difficult?????

Well, if there weren’t bad actors out there we would all be better off….but let me continue. My company email said to download the mobile app which was a few clicks and about 2-minutes of time. Then I logged-in like I always do on the computer and “zing” my cell phone buzzes and says ARE YOU TRYING TO LOG-IN? Accept or Reject. I pressed Accept and I was instantly and securely logged-in.

My takeaway was a whopping two/three minutes to set-up and now all I have to do to be secure (wherever I am) is to click Accept! Wow. Technology made easy.

On the other hand --- one day I was running errands and my phone went “zing” and I looked down….. Accept or Reject…..oh my goodness, this was not me… I was at Home Depot. I instantly clicked Reject and protected not only my access but also BTS from errant entry by someone somewhere. Saved by 2-Factor!

Correction – I Love 2-Factor Authentication. My data is safe. The company’s data and network are safe. If you don’t have it – get it.

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