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How Do You Recover From a Cyberattack?

December 23rd, 2019 by William Wentowski

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Cyberattacks are a common occurrence in today’s business world. Hopefully, your company has security measures and training in place to combat such attacks, but mistakes can be made. If your company is the victim of a cyberattack, do you know the necessary steps to take to begin recovering?

Discover What Was Lost

The first and most crucial step is to figure out what data was stolen from your company. The reason this is the most important is that it will determine your next steps. Losing social security numbers will cause very different actions to be taken as opposed to having email addresses stolen.

Update your Cybersecurity

Your company will need to update its security infrastructure. Your company will need to be progressive with its security by having robust systems in place. You will also need in-depth training for your employees to teach them how to recognize phishing attempts.

Employee Training

Your employees should be trained on how to spot a potential cyberattack. They should know how to spot suspicious emails, whether it is spelling errors or improper punctuation. Your employees should know how to report suspicious emails and know to avoid clicking on any links that aren’t from a trusted source.

Password Security

Your company will need to update its password security by putting multi-factor authentication into practice. Your company should also increase the complexity of its passwords.

Stay Up to Date With Security Policies

Since cybersecurity is an ever-evolving practice, your company should always be at the forefront with its practices. Your company should ask itself the following questions a few times per year:

  1. What are the cyber threats that could affect our business?
  2. What are our vulnerabilities or breach points?
  3. What is our recovery plan in response to an attack?

If you are unable to answer those questions or need help updating your security, BTS Technologies can help. We are an industry leader, and we will make sure your company is protected. We have an outstanding team of experts with the cybersecurity solutions you need. Contact us to learn how our cybersecurity solutions can be your playbook for success.

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