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IT Company in Huntsville

Proven growth through secure, proven methods. Let BTS Technologies drive your business forward.

Huntsville, Alabama is the innovation center of the state. With vast engineering services, the best in applied sciences, and some of our favorite networking equipment manufacturers; Huntsville has a serious demand for secure, technology partners.

With an impeccable track record and the expertise to match, BTS Technologies is the secure partner that will free you to work on your business.

Managed IT Support

BTS Technologies will provide the Managed IT Support that empowers Huntsville, Alabama companies to grow. Whether you are on the path to cloud and need Legacy IT or ready to make the leap to Cloud Complete we will take the management burden off your shoulders. BTS is hyper focused on providing firms in Huntsville, Alabama with the secure, best in class IT Services, Cloud Infrastructure, and VoIP.

Our services provide all the benefits of a full time IT department at a fraction of the cost, and with significant advantages. We provide the solutions that drive success, and we are committed to leveraging them for your business.

Managed Desktop

You interact with your computer everyday and it is an essential part of working life. We work to make the experience as safe and trouble free as possible. From the top down we implement robust cyber security measures, while providing unbeatable user support.

We provide 24x7 support, protecting your business and critical data from viruses, scams, malware, ransomware, and an increasing number of cyber threats.

Incomparable Customer Service

BTS Technologies is part of your team, tackling your business challenges with a smile. We provide immediate live answer to friendly, highly-trained technicians dedicated to resolving issues quickly.

For businesses in Huntsville, Alabama and beyond we strive to provide the very best for our partners every day. Schedule a meeting today and take accelerate your tech and growth.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As the technology leader in Huntsville, we know what it takes to earn your business and make you grow. However, if we ever get it wrong, and you are unhappy with the relationship between our companies within the first 6 months and wish to change providers BTS will refund 100% of our implementation costs and ensure a smooth transition.

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