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IT Company in Tuscaloosa

BTS Technologies, removing your tech headache since 1976.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama is an amazing city with a football problem. While there are many amazing businesses in the area, yet many of those companies are falling behind when it comes to modernizing their networks and technical systems.

BTS Technologies provides the secure, cost effective solutions that are missing in the local market. At BTS we supply the best features and services to make companies in Tuscaloosa more competitive and secure.

Managed IT Support

Enterprises in Tuscaloosa, Alabama know that managing and maintaining all their critical technologies poses a daunting challenge. Every piece requires maintenance, constant updates, and iron clad security to run optimally. Juggling IT with limited experience while staying on top of what pays the bills is an impossible task.

Managed IT Services from BTS eliminates your issues, putting time back in your day to run your business while we secure and maintain your network and data. Our qualified, highly trained staff ensures your data is secure and work to optimize uptime.

User Support

Business owners in Tuscaloosa, Alabama know that individual downtime can be caused by the slightest issue and greatly impact the bottom line. BTS Technologies’ staff works tirelessly to ensure your staff can work without any hiccups. We proactively monitor systems for the smallest of errors or possible security breaches to keep your staff operating at 100%. Additionally, when your staff has question or problems, they can rely on our friendly, live, helpdesk to solve the issue.

Amazing Customer Service

At BTS Technologies, we are dedicated problem solvers. It is a core value. When an issue arises we leap to identify, remediate, and prevent it from happening again. Our helpdesk provides 24x7 support and relief for Tuscaloosa, Alabama companies relief when disaster strikes.

We are so confident that our staff will earn your business that we back all our solutions with no contracts and our industry leading Satisfaction Guarantee.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As the technology leader in Tuscaloosa, we know what it takes to earn your business and make you grow. However, if we ever get it wrong, and you are unhappy with the relationship between our companies within the first 6 months and wish to change providers BTS will refund 100% of our implementation costs and ensure a smooth transition.

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