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Data Recovery Plan – Not just back-up!

Did you know that 80% of companies that lose their data go out of business within one year? Why?

Many businesses have back-ups but no viable recovery plan.

Think about how catastrophic it is to lose your data. Your vendors and employees know how much you owe them, but what happened to your accounts receivable. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

Imagine your facility was flooded and you acquire a new facility. You and your employees gather around in a circle and stare at the tape or thumb drive that contains your data. How does that get your business started? Is there another server with the exact tape drive for sale where you can find it? If so, how do you rebuild the mission critical components of the network?

More commonly, if just the server dies, how much money will you lose while a new server is configured? How long will that take? There is a better option in the SleepEZ product line provided by BTS Technologies.

SleepEZ Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

SleepEZ from BTS Technologies is a powerful Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solution that can safeguard your important data. Data loss will cripple a company and it is of upmost importance to ensure your data is adequately protected. SleepEZ removes the risk and allows you to "sleep easy".

SleepEZ provides your business:

  • Scalability
  • Server virtualization
  • On and off-site imaging
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring

If you are interested in migration to virtual office platforms and the ability to deploy thin-clients the SleepEZ can be configured in ways to provide those services and continue being your BDR.

Cost concerns are always of great importance. SleepEZ is very affordable.

BTS Technologies has regular seminars on BDR and other proactive measures you can take. Please attend one of our seminars for more information. Register to find a seminar date that works for you; or email BTS; or call (205) 290-8400, if you would like to schedule a different time.

The level of data retention BTS Technologies provides allows you to SleepEZ knowing that you will always have your accounts receivable and customer lists within a matter of hours instead of days. Our solution allows you to maintain your business critical operations while we work on returning your business to full operation.

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