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Benefits of Having Both In-Office and Third-Party Managed IT

August 24th, 2022 by William Wentowski

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Considering how technology has massively changed, you would think businesses would generally take the right approach towards advancement. While many companies have taken a step forward to get out of the world of Break / Fix IT and settled on the newer trend of actively managed IT services, many businesses still have not.

Actively managed IT services are a fundamental approach for modern businesses. These third-party service providers can provide various benefits; however, not everyone is keen on giving up their old IT team.

If you are someone who doesn't know what actively managed IT is, what benefits it can provide, and why you shouldn't have to give up your own IT team because of it, you have landed at the right place.

What is Actively Managed IT?

Data and information is a company's primary asset, and every company ensures to keep this backbone of their company safe. While companies have their own running IT teams, there are instances when such malware occurs that either cannot be detected by the team beforehand or removed.

This is precisely when an actively managed IT team comes into the picture. These service providers keep up with your company's infrastructure and simultaneously bring about the changes it needs.

Managed IT services are third-party providers that give you a foolproof security system. The service provider will not only keep track of your data and survey it 24/7 to eliminate any chances of impending malware but will help you take better approaches when choosing the equipment or making better decisions for your IT changes.

There is no denying that your company will remain in safe hands with excellent facilities and actively managed IT. So, choose such life-savers for your company and strive towards better opportunities. The benefits below will change your mind if you are still hesitant about any actively managed IT services.

Why Should You Get an Actively Managed IT?

The concept of actively managed IT has massively increased over the years. Businesses understand that with properly managed IT in their workplace, not only will the chances of malware or ransomware decrease, but their work-life will become more organized too.

Small and medium-sized businesses are embracing the approach. A full-fledged IT team within the office is more expensive and often less capable than an outsourced team specializing in the service. However, this isn't the only reason businesses are driven to take up actively managed IT services.

Focus on Core Objectives

Small and medium-sized businesses do not always remain small; after all, growth is a goal for most companies. With this emerging growth, your IT-related needs and responsibilities will increase too.

While your IT team might be able to handle such responsibilities themselves, there might be times when they start feeling overwhelmed with the additional workload. Allowing your team to focus on their core objectives and not get distracted by day-to-day IT considerations enables your team to remain lean and fulfill the business's goals.

Keep Costs Low

One of the best benefits of having a service actively managing your IT needs is the overall lowered cost. Having a service provider on board to manage your IT and keep your data in check will enable you to ensure that all your data remains secured within a fantastic budget.

Moreover, managed service providers are skilled in what they do, so you won't even have to spend money on training the staff. The service you will be in contact with will structure documentation and plan based solely and individually on your company's requirements. Not only will they know what to do, but you will have a foolproof plan on what actions to take and how much they will cost beforehand.

Avoid Downtime

For any company that functions, time is a significant asset and one thing they cannot waste spending. Downtimes can occur when a company doesn't keep its data in check or are cautious of the occurrence of malware and system failures. Actively managing your IT by ensuring it is up to date and organized is the key to preventing any downtime which might lead to significant losses.

Scale your Systems

With technology changing and evolving with time, your IT needs to be up to date too. Actively managing your IT and knowing how it can benefit you is very important for any company.

Managed IT service providers will not only actively manage your IT but will also actively respond to real-time demand changes. Moreover, they will give you some fantastic tactics to scale up your systems and move towards better opportunities in your field of business.

Security and Data Protection

Trusting any service to manage your IT is complex actively. However, taking security measures to ensure your data remains safe and up to date is important too. Security and data protection is one aspect of any actively managed IT service you should keep in check.

Once your IT management and data are up to date and you have a service to check your security and monitor the day-to-day workings, your business can flourish in peace, knowing that in case any threat occurs, the services they have hired will deal with it.

Outsourcing Your IT Will Not Necessarily Mean That You Are Replacing Your IT Teams

Many companies already have an IT staff that they are happy with working within an office. In many instances, they do not want to let go of this IT staff and opt for third-party services.

Often this is because the IT team has been there for the company since the start, working hard to ensure that all data remains safe and the company's security remains intact.

However, who said you could not opt for a third party actively managing your IT and your in-office staff too? Wondering how acquiring both will work well? Well, let's find out.

24/7 Monitoring

No IT team can be in the office 24/7 to monitor the changes and events; however, a third-party service provider can be. Third-party services will help actively manage your company's IT 24/7 and protect your company from any malware which might come unannounced.

Your systems will remain free of any harm, and you can work smoothly without even knowing that some hindrance occurred.

Solutions to Many Problems

p While your IT team is undoubtedly professional in what they do, there are instances when even they might not have solutions to some problems. In such cases, an actively managed IT service is what will come to your rescue.

The service team can find the best solutions to your problem while working remotely and let your in-office team know what the answer can be. The in-office IT team can contact them and take suggestions before making many decisions related to the company's IT.

Quick Fixes

There might be times when the in-office staff cannot solve the problem that arose single-handedly or quickly; working with the third-party actively managed IT team will come in handy.

Companies can reach out to their third-party service providers when they encounter a problem and ask them what to do. The service providers, in many instances, will come to your office and work with the in-office staff to work on the problem and bring about proper and quick fixes.

Solutions That Fit the Business Well

Good managed IT companies have a solution that works well for any business; great ones tailor the solution to each company's specific needs. The solutions of two companies are rarely the same, and an individual solution is often more cost-effective as well.

In-office staff and the service provider work together to bring creative ideas to the company and implement solutions that sit well within the operational standards of the organization they are working for.

Saved Money

The best part about incorporating an actively managed IT service with your in-office IT is that the service provider will help you save money. This is true. While the IT team can protect your systems, the third-party services can help structure a proper plan on what approaches to take that will make your strategies better and more efficient for the future.

However, all of this will be set within a budget that suits your company and will work well in advancing for the future.

How Do Both In-Office and Actively Managed IT Providers Work Well Together?

Incorporating two different teams and parties to work together on a single task can be daunting. Moreover, having to tell your in-office IT staff that you are hiring outside people to work within their department with them remotely can be a bit of a shock for them too.

While you might hire a service to help ease down their workload, your in-office staff might start feeling like they aren't doing the job well. Ensuring you get a proper message of why the step was taken and applying a sound and strategic team working approach within the setup will work well for all.

Encouraging all employees to direct their strengths and strong points towards a single task will help bring positive outcomes and ensure a healthy working environment.

It might seem complicated at the start, and many people may feel that the plan is a flop from the beginning, but trust us, the results will always be great. Imagine two masterminds, the best in their field, working together to achieve the same goal. What is there to lose?

However, while your own IT is one-half of that mastermind, where can you find the actively managed IT service provider to become the second half? We know where to find them, so how about you learn too?

Where Can You Find the Best Service Provider in Town?

There are many actively managed IT service providers in town, which serve some fantastic results. However, BTS Technologies outclasses them all.

BTS was formed in 1976. The company started when it became legal in the United States to sell telecom equipment. However, the company soon realized that more than selling this equipment, helping people learn how to use them was what was necessary.

Hence, the rise of BTS Technologies. Helping people manage their telecom equipment and provide the best IT services possible. We have been working for over four decades and have won the hearts of multiple clients.

So, if you are looking for an actively managed IT service to help ensure that your data remains secured and that your company is on track, then we are the best bet for you. With more than forty-five years of experience, we know what we are doing; your data is in safe hands.

There is no denying that it is hard for any big or small company to trust a service provider with their data and information. Data is an asset, and it should be secured. With BTS Technologies, your information will be in safe hands.

Not only will you receive our services in the best possible budget, but the results we will provide will be exceptional too. So, if you plan on hiring a third party to actively manage your business's IT, choose BTS.

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