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Actively Managed IT

There are two things that are the backbone of your business, your employees and your technology. Let BTS take the management of your technology off your plate, allowing you to focus on your business and personnel. BTS will actively manage your technology to ensure that it runs beyond expectations and keeps your business moving, not holding you back.

Transform Your Technology Relationship

We provide top notch service 24/7/365 to keep your business running at peak efficiency. Whether it is on-site, via phone or email, BTS will fix the issue. Not only will our dedicated, personable and highly trained staff resolve the issue, they will do it in record time; backed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA). We interface daily with 3rd party software vendors, internet service providers, and our competitors to deliver the service you deserve.

Proactive Management and Monitoring

BTS proactively monitors the network looking for errors and trends that signal an issue, solving it before you know it. We also work closely with management and ownership to ensure adoption of new technology to propel your business to the next level. We will manage it all from the patching of minor components to evaluating new solutions (customer retention products, patient contact/appointment reminders, etc.) to drive your profitability.

Secure IT

Our Managed IT solution provides peace of mind that your technology will work and is secured. BTS provides the level of cyber security that your organization deserves with all our IT service lines.

Solutions that fit the business, not fit the business into a solution

Like telecom providers, most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are working with a hammer to fit your business into their mold. BTS as a Managed Technology Service Provider (MTSP) is looking to use our full toolbox to tweak or overhaul your critical technologies to work for you and build out new solutions to propel you forward.

Let an MTSP tackle your technology and make you more efficient.

Managed Security Services

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