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Transition to the Cloud to Be More Efficient While Working Remotely

July 14th, 2020 by Brian Wakefield

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With the transition to permanent remote work likely to become far more common, it is time for businesses to update their infrastructure to match their new business structure. Moving some or all of your business operations to the cloud can benefit your remote workforce by making their workspace more efficient. At BTS Technologies, Inc., we understand the steps that your business needs to take to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud. Moving operations to the cloud doesn't need to be done at one time, as a gradual transition enables your business to maintain operations, while incrementally adding cloud services.

Essentials Care

If your business is ready to move to the cloud, but aren't sure where to start, we can help. We offer a service called Essentials Care, which acts as a stepping stone to a pure cloud solution. Essentials Care will allow your business to benefit from recently purchased on-premise servers by better utilizing VPN's and shoring up security with your firewalls. With this solution, your business is not locked into any contract, and you will gain access to 24/7/365 help desk support.

Transition to the Cloud

One of the issues with on-premise servers is redundancy and business continuity. If something happened to your office and your data wasn't backed up to an offsite server, then business operations would stop. With that in mind, one of the first things we recommend is to move your file server to Microsoft SharePoint. With all of your files hosted in the cloud, your business can maintain operations in the event of a disaster at your office. Additionally, your employees can quickly and easily access any data they need to complete work-related tasks.

The next step is to deploy virtual desktops for your employees. Your employees can work from anywhere and have access to all of the tools needed to be productive and efficient. Additionally, when you use Microsoft Azure data centers, you can quickly increase your server capacity if you find that employees are experiencing network slowdowns. Rather than ordering new servers and waiting weeks to get them set up, you can expand your server capacity in less than an hour. This ability makes your business more agile and better able to adjust to increased demand.

Transitioning to the cloud will save your company money on office lease costs and heating and cooling costs. And with Microsoft Teams, your business can hold informative company meetings.

Moving your business operations to the cloud will benefit your business. At BTS Technologies, Inc., we want to give your company a competitive advantage, which is why we sell solutions that are unique to your needs, rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach. If your business is interested in transitioning to the cloud, contact us today. We will develop a plan to gradually transition you to the cloud while giving your business the tools it needs to succeed along the way.

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