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The Importance of Flexibility in the Workplace

August 15th, 2019 by Brian Wakefield

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In the modern workforce, many employees prefer a job that offers flexibility, whether that be the ability to set their own schedule, work from home, job share, work part-time, take sabbaticals, have paid time off, or telecommute. Employers that provide an accommodating work environment have a happier and more dedicated staff that often remains with the company for extended periods. Flexibility also enables adaptability for both the employer and employee by giving managers the ability to handle day-to-day shifts better and allocate tasks effectively, while promoting workplace diversity and allowing employees to feel more comfortable and settled.

Employers who promote a flexible work environment, reap the benefits with increased revenue and profits due to lower employee turnover, enhanced productivity from dedicated staff, and improved team engagement. Corporations like Deloitte have examined the benefits of workplace flexibility as they have experienced minimal turnover and overall increased revenue from their operation with a more adaptable work environment for their employees. This kind of workplace structure also breeds staff success with the ability to develop workers for higher positions and better management, which keeps a flexible work environment fruitful and efficient.

We spend one-third of our entire life at work, and your job has a tremendous impact on your overall quality of life; for this reason, employees strongly value a flexible work arrangement because it creates higher job satisfaction, better work-life balance, often lower stress levels, and enhanced dedication. It also allows for improved working conditions for working mothers and fathers, disabled staff members, and students. Both employers and employees, with proper management, thrive under a flexible workplace.

At BTS Technologies, Inc., in addition to our IT and voice solutions, we can assist your organization with personnel management with our mobility solutions that will provide your team with a more flexible workplace and enhance your overall operation. With IT, voice, and workflow services that allow for secure telecommuting and remote access, team members will feel and work just like they are in the office but from the comfort of their own home; you will instantly notice a tremendous difference in the way your business operates.

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