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September 8th, 2021 by Kim Reynolds

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Employee Spotlight: Justin Lewis

Justin was brought onboard a few months ago, and was recently added to the Helpdesk rotation. He is already receiving high praise on his work:

"Justin had me up and going in a heartbeat. I think my computer knew he knew what he was doing and decided to behave… Thanks for the great service!"
– Mickey (Thank You Mickey!)

Additionally, Justin completed his A+ certification in August and is on to the next certification! Here is more about Justin in his own words:

I attended Auburn University in Auburn for 2 years before moving to Birmingham to start my career in IT. I have always had a passion for IT, and I’ve been working on computers and doing side jobs such as creating websites for years now. I also worked at BestBuy as a sales associate before coming to work at BTS. I recently became A+ certified and I am currently working on becoming Network+ certified soon. I have a wife, her name is Ashlyn, and she works as a tax accountant for Partners Tax and Accounting, which is a family business her mother now owns (I also created the website for this company). I also have 6 animals: 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bearded dragon, and 1 king snake. My hobbies include building computers, playing video games, and spending lots of time with my wife and pets.

What is your most used productivity hack?

I tend to forget tasks when I have lots of things scheduled in my day, and the way I tend to manage them is through a detailed notes sheet, I write down information for everyone I contact, and details on all projects or work activities that I do keeping a full calendar of my day. I do this so I can always look back at work I’ve done in the past which allows me to keep track of when I completed work activities, and the time that I did. I even use this method for remembering to do things at home, such as house chores, lawn maintenance, and doctor’s appointments. I always check this note sheet that I keep on both my phone and work computer so that I can maintain a fast pace when working.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

This is a hard one, but the best that comes to mind isn’t a specific instance, but a more general one: when a customer or family member comments on my technical expertise when fixing a computer or tech issue they’re having. I always enjoy the feedback and I recently got a good review from a customer praising me for being so quick in responding to and fixing their computer issues. I really do enjoy helping people solve problems, and IT is the field that lets me do that to the fullest.

Training and Certifications

Meeting with our mission in having a staff of true experts BTS staff are in progress or have completed the following:

Roger (President) – Met with other TAG members in Chicago to discuss the state of the IT industry. Security was top of mind and industry leading best practices were shared. Ask him about it at your next Business Review!

Justin – Completed his A+ certification

Brett – Ongoing Microsoft Azure training. These are the equivalent of an entire semester of college in terms of work and preparation.

William – Connectwise, Kaseya, and ReInvent Marketing Roadmaps.

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