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Managed Voice Services Program and Hardware-as-a-Service

July 14th, 2015 by William Wentowski

Our Managed Voice Services Program (MVSP) allows our customers to take advantage of the most appropriate technology for their circumstances, while having the flexibility to ​make changes to their system without experiencing a significant capital outlay as a result. S.P.E.C., Inc.'s situation is a perfect example - we installed an NEC system for them some time ago and they had some new requirements regarding call handling that were better suited for having a Zultys system instead. Since they were on MVSP we were able to change them over for a very minimal cost adjustment. Their needs changed enough to warrant a significant changeover, but they weren't stuck with the choice of having had a recent large capital outlay on the NEC system that they either needed to learn to live with, or else pay another large outlay for a new system. Because MVSP gave them Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS), we were able to simply update them to the most appropriate system for their current needs.

Louis Allis is another good example. They had an existing hosted product that they were having trouble with and they were unable to obtain adequate support on. We proposed a Zultys system for them; they had existing Polycom phones that we were able to repurpose to make the transition easier and more cost effective. They also received an AT&T fiber circuit, which was a pretty big deal. They're in Warrior, AL and so are far enough out of Birmingham that most carriers aren't running lines out there. AT&T was close enough in the area that we were able to run fiber out to them. They were previously on bonded T-1's, and going to a 10 meg circuit is a pretty substantial upgrade in their Internet connectivity. The MVSP program is primarily HaaS-based, but we do have a hardware-purchase option available as well.

That being said, almost all of our clients end up electing to go with the HaaS offer instead due to the flexibility down the line of making changes to the system. HaaS can generally be categorized as an operating expense, as opposed to a capital expense, so has good ramifications on tax purposes. Please consult your tax professional for more details and to determine what will best suit your circumstances.

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