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Is Your Phone System Costing You Money?

September 1st, 2021 by Kim Reynolds

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Get Out of the Closet

Do you still have an old phone system with a controller in the closet? An old premise-based telephone system had fixed architecture. This limited the flexibility of a company in reacting to the changing workplace environment. You had a large capital expense up front, a separate telephone bill, often scary long-distance costs, limited features, …and how in the world do you communicate effectively when mobile or from home? Unified communications (sometimes referred to as hosted or cloud communications) offers solutions to these problems and gives you flexibility where you need it the most.

A Unified Communications solution puts the controller in the cloud. This gets you a large platform of features that are continually supported, are secure, and are redundant ----- all for a fixed monthly service subscription.

  • Think about this for a minute…
  • - this fixes your monthly costs
  • - gets the box out of the closet
  • - gets maintenance off your plate
  • - provides the latest features
  • - enables locations or workers “anywhere”
  • - includes integrated Mobility
  • - with free nationwide long distance!

If you are the owner of the business this is by far the best choice for the company – scalable, budgetable, expensable, and flexible.

If you are the Office or IT Manager you can be the hero by adding productivity features, making happy co-workers, streamlining support, and reducing costs.

Call BTS today for a no-agenda review with solutions to get your business off HOLD and out of the closet.

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