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Get Real Unified Communications With Zultys

February 5th, 2019 by Roger Wentowski

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When it comes to phone and communications solutions a lot of other companies will sling products at you. They claim that they are the unified communication solution that your business needs, when in reality what they are trying to sell you is hardly any better than what you had before. What you get is missing many features that make actual unified communications work, which leaves many businesses feeling burned or disgruntled when it comes to getting upgrades or even moving to a better system. We understand that feeling, and that is why what we offer real Unified Communications with Zultys.

The service that some other service providers and companies try to sell you on barely does what unified communications is supposed to do, usually relying on other apps or leaving you with no options for setting it up how you want it to be. With Zultys, we can program your system so that it's customized for your businesses needs. We can make it so that a call rings your desktop phone, then your cell phone, and finally to the active greeting on your desk phone. If that's not enough for you, we can make it so that specific clients will be specifically forwarded to you and other calls are handed off to others in the department. Meaning you won't miss important calls while away from the office or on vacation, with the smaller clients being handled by someone else who can take care of it while you're away. We can program your system to make your quality of life better.

When it comes to unified communications, you should never settle for less than what it truly can do. We build your system from the ground up, program it just how you want it, integrate it with your desktop, all on top of what unified communication can do for you. So when another company wants to up their rates after your contract expires, give us a call if you want real Unified Communications.

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