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How Big-Name Telecommunication Carriers Are Charging You More For Your Internet and Business Phone Systems

September 4th, 2019 by William Wentowski

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Many businesses, both large and small, typically lean towards big-name carriers to take care of their internet, network, and phone services; however, they fail to realize that these carriers are working in their own best interest. This means that they will sell you on their service and charge commercial rates and fees which are overpriced, especially for smaller businesses. Carriers like AT&T, Vonage, Verizon, Frontier, and other providers have one goal in mind, to get you to buy their service and not to get you the best service and rates that will suit not only your budget but your business as well.

Looking to reduce some off those costly bills? It may be time to switch to a telecommunications partner instead of depending on big-name corporations to handle your technology. At BTS Technlogies, Inc. we don't make money by selling you a service, our work comes from making sure that your business operates with the most effective technology that suits the kind of business you have. Our experts evaluate your business needs and seek out a wide range of carriers and solutions to get you the most cost-effective and efficient solutions. When your business thrives, we thrive. We have saved businesses thousands a year by revamping their IT systems and voice technology.

Stuck in a contract? Don't worry. As a partner with your business, we can work to get you out of any expensive agreements or create a plan, so you are not wasting any more resources. By looking beyond the conventional carriers and providers, you can save your business tons of money a year in revenue and potentially boost your operations. Our job at BTS Technologies, Inc. is to see your business grow and prosper.

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