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What's Up with the Wireless?

December 19th, 2017 by William Wentowski

Digitized Wireless Symbol

Oh where oh where has my wireless gone, oh where oh where can it be?

Wireless working is critical. If yours is not, we can fix it.

You used to have one device, usually an unbearably heavy laptop. Now you have a new laptop, a Smart Phone, a tablet, integrated thermostats, access controls, guest wi-fi, and the list goes on. There are several times "more" devices than there used to be, all competing for connectivity. And what happened to that connectivity? Well, it used to be wireless B, G, and N, and now we have AC and soon to be AX? We used to be on 900Mhz, and 2.4 Gig, now we have 3.6Gig, 5Gig, and 60Gig… plus we kept the 2.4 and the 900. Then there is the discussion of internet speed, number of radios, and how many devices can connect at one time ----- geeeeez!!!

It gets complex fast, but BTS can make it easy. We can fix your wi-fi, make it really fast, and get all of your devices connected - securely. Call the Wi-Fi Speed and Safety Desk at (205) 290-8423.

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