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Common Cyber Threats And Benefits of Security Solutions for Businesses

December 10th, 2021 by William Wentowski

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Cyber security is certainly a cause of stress for many business owners but it can protect them from data breaches that can otherwise cost them millions. In today's digital age, when cyberattacks are on the rise, businesses can’t afford to neglect the significance of cyber security solutions.

Cyber security is crucial to secure systems, networks, and databases from malicious activities and attacks. Cybercrime damages can cost companies millions of dollars, which is why businesses make efforts to implement strong cyber security solutions to protect their data, customers, and clients’ information.

Common Cyber Threats for Businesses

Here are some of the most common cyber threats that businesses must be aware of to protect their information:

  • Malware

    Malware is malicious software that includes worms, viruses, and ransomware, which finds a vulnerability and breaches through a server when a user opens an email attachment or clicks on a link that installs a software. Once this software is installed the malware can harm the user in multiple ways, including:

    • Disturbs some components in the system and renders it inoperable
    • Steals information by using a spyware
    • Installs additional harmful software
    • Blocks user’s access to certain network’s components
  • Phishing

    Phishing is the act of sending spam or fraudulent information appearing from a reputable source through emails. The aim of this attack is to steal private and sensitive information, like login information and credit card information from the receiver or to install a malware software into the receiver’s system. SQL Injection The Structured Query Language (SQL) injection happens when a malicious code is inserted into a company’s server, forcing it to share information that it normally wouldn’t. All the attacker needs to do is add the code to a search box of a vulnerable business website to steal the information.

  • Zero-Day

    Exploit This attack occurs when a vulnerability of a network is announced but a solution hasn’t been implemented. Cyber attackers take advantage of this vulnerability and attack the system to steal private information.

Benefits of Cyber Security Solutions

Here are some of the many reasons why investing in cyber security solutions is significant for businesses:

  1. Protects Your Business

    The biggest advantage of cyber security is that it offers extensive digital protection to the business. It ensures that your employees can safely use the internet, collaborate, and share files without any potential risks.

  2. Keeps Personal Information Safe

    In today’s digital age, personal information is certainly a valuable commodity. Cyber attacks can cause valuable information, like social security number, credit card information, and more to be stolen that can result in major losses. Having a strong cyber security system in place will ensure the personal information of your employees is safe from such a threat.

  3. Ensures All Employees Work Safely

    Without a proper security system in place, your employees and your business information are constantly under risk. When even a single system gets attacked, it can have a major impact on the productivity of the business.

  4. Enhances Productivity

    Viruses and other malware can drastically slow down the speed of the computer, making it challenging for your employees to work uninterrupted. This could lead to unfinished projects, missed deadlines, and frustrated employees and clients. All of this can be avoided with a cyber security solution.

  5. Protects Against Spyware

    Spyware is a type of attack that is created to spy on your system and transfer all information to the cyber attacker. A good cyber security solution can create a defense against such spyware and eliminate the threat to keep the information and actions of your business confidential and private.

  6. Stops Adware

    Adware is a common threat that loads your computers with advertisements. While it doesn’t harm your system or steal your information, it can still be highly distracting for your employees that can result in reduced productivity and higher chances of mistakes.

  7. Provides IT Support

    Most cyber attacks are done by criminals who often have more expertise or technical skills than your employees. Even when you have the best IT team, having a cyber security solution can give them the added support and features to fight against such cyber-attacks.

The digital world of today has offered multiple advantages and opportunities for businesses to grow and expand their operations but has also made way for cyber attackers. Therefore, businesses need to invest in a good cyber security solution to protect their operations and their employees.

BTS Technologies Inc. offers a holistic approach to cyber security to protect your business while also ensuring you meet all the security compliances. Book a call with us today!

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