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Cloud Transition

May 7th, 2021 by Matt Dean

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Many organizations have heard of the cloud; the mythical technology that few grasp, but know it’s where their business needs to move. Like any buzzword or acronym, it is meant to excite and ensure it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. But many organizations don’t realize the benefits of the tech, or even know where to begin the journey. BTS Technologies has been on the forefront of this new wave of computing; engineering and walking companies step by step through the cloud transition. So often businesses are stuck with aging equipment that they continue to pour money into it year after year, even though the second they purchase the equipment it rapidly decreases in worth, and functionality. To put it simply the cloud gets you off the "hamster wheel" of purchasing new servers and equipment. Not only that, but the cloud also ensures your data is protected, backed up, and easily attainable no matter your location.

With the rise of remote work over the past year, cloud technologies not only help you accomplish this task, but also mitigates the risk. For years companies relied on VPN connections to network between sites or employees. The only problem with this is you are leaving your entire network at risk with this tunnel. Punching a hole in your network defenses with a VPN tunnel might have made sense ten years ago, but in today’s ever-changing cyber climate, it is a risk not worth taking. Who is to say your employees or teams are following best practices, who is to say their Internet provider’s router hasn’t already been compromised, or is safeguarded at all? These unknowns can bring your business to a screeching halt in a matter of seconds, forever tarnish your reputation, and deplete your bank accounts. With BTS’s Complete Cloud solution, we can take away these risks and utilize existing equipment to bring your network and business into today’s world of Cyber Security.

Not only will BTS deliver on its promise of migrating your business to the cloud, but we will also show you the road map and walk step by step with you. Ensuring you and your team are not only efficient and functional throughout the transition, but also knowledgeable. We will train and educate your staff so they are cloud-ready, and strong enough to handle any cyber risk. Schedule a meeting with me today to go over how we can get your company soaring through the clouds.

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