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Budgets and IT

December 19th, 2017 by William Wentowski

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The end of 2017 is almost here. Many companies, ourselves included, are working on those pesky business details like end-of-year numbers and 2018 budgets. One line item that is often overlooked in those discussions is IT.

No one ever wants to talk about their IT needs. It's not glamorous. It usually doesn't generate more revenue. Most companies just want it to work at a "low" cost. Therein lies the problem.

“Low” cost IT is more expensive in the long run. Employees put up with nagging issues that hinder their productivity and revenue generation. Systems and servers are exposed with little to no security to prevent Ransomware attacks, even in the cloud. System updates occur at the worst times, or never at all. That’s a few of the problems that exist with "low" cost IT, and in the end, they aren’t cheap!

According to the folks at CIO magazine, small companies spend 6.9% of revenue on IT and midsized companies spend 4.1%. Those numbers are expected to rise by 1-3% over the next couple of years, especially as cybersecurity becomes a bigger issue for many firms.

Does your current IT spend provide the best value? Whether you have an IT employee or have already outsourced your IT needs, you need to review the value of your IT spend. With an employee, they need an additional budget for hardware, software licenses, the data-backup, infrastructure, firewalls, etc. With the outsourced folks, are they even providing any of these things for what they charge?

If you are unsure, give let BTS know. We can audit your current spending/budget and help get you on track to make the most out of your IT dollars. We will put your valuable IT dollars to work to make 2018 a better more secure tech year.

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