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BTS Utilizes Latest AI Knowledge Management to Outpace IT Competitors

August 22nd, 2023 by William Wentowski

AI Knowledge Management

Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Leverages Big Data & Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Customer Support with Predictive IT Models

BIRMINGHAM, AL - BTS a leading Managed Technology Service Provider (MTSP), announced today that the company is utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Knowledge Management to transform their customer experience. BTS has established such a strong reputation for customer experience over the years because they are constantly watching the technological horizon and finding innovative ways to improve their already exceptional customer service. Many organizations have been hearing about recent developments in AI with services like ChatGPT making headlines everywhere, everyone is still wondering how they can apply those AI-based tools to their businesses to improve their customer experience and gain a competitive advantage in their industry. BTS, a harbinger of AI-based solutions, especially in the areas of cybersecurity, is now showing businesses how they will use AI Knowledge Management as another powerful tool to unify technician expertise into a central database, accelerate customer support with predictive insights and to continue to deliver world class customer experience to end users.

Roger Wentowski, President of BTS, stated, “AI has come to a point now where it can help our team of technicians predict solutions for customer problems in the very, very early stages of communication. Imagine that for every IT issue you sent to us, we had an all-hands on deck meeting with every single technician, and not only was everyone able to remember every tiny detail about how they resolved any similar issues in the past, but we were able to facilitate a collective brainstorm with everyone in a few seconds until we could provide you with the most brilliant, low-cost IT solution possible. That’s what AI Knowledge Management can do for you.”

Implementing AI Knowledge Management means that BTS’s customers are going to receive better service far beyond what competitors can deliver. Customers will benefit from leveraged collective expertise delivered instantly. “I conservatively expect this to translate into 30% faster customer ticket resolution regardless of industry, which is why we’re so excited to take our customer service to this higher level of excellence,” Wentowski added. BTS has invested into leading-edge technology that leverages the collective experiences of all technicians and customer interactions so that the company can begin to predict solutions to issues customers may not even realize they have. The end result will be much faster response times, dramatically less downtime and more precise support.

AI Knowledge Management is poised to take random chunks of customer data and turn all of that into “smart data,” which can be easily indexed, searched, organized and contextualized to deliver more actionable insights to IT technicians. “By giving every one of our technicians an AI-Assistant we expect to deliver even faster, more efficient and more secure solutions for our customers. This way our clients will be set up for optimal network scalability, flexibility and security over the long-term. The utilization of AI is another area where BTS truly differentiates itself from our competitors,” commented Wentowski.

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