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Are You Looking to Upgrade and Invest in a New Phone System?

September 14th, 2014 by William Wentowski

It is time to consolidate lines and bills and consider your current options!

When rolling out a new phone system, it's a good time to review what connectivity is coming into the building and review everything. Consider current options that weren't previously available.

For example, cable modems have no Service Level Agreement (SLA), suffer from congestion and data caps.  Fiber is faster, has an SLA, and has business-grade support instead of consumer-grade. It may be more costly, but you are paying for faster response times for fixing problems and it has higher priority for repairs. Cable, DSL, UVerse, the types of internet you typically get as a home product are consumer-grade products, they can work well enough for certain business needs.

However, when there's a problem response times are based on convenience. A low tier fiber line may run $700/mo, but for a business that's losing hundreds or thousands of dollars hourly it's well worth the additional expense. Moreover, cable internet has lesser reliability and longer timeframe to replace in the event of major issues. Contact us to discuss upgrading your systems today!

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