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Shake Ups, Changes, and All-Around Good Moves!

April 4th, 2022 by Roger Wentowski

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To better serve you, our partners, and create more value BTS has made a few strategic changes. The biggest and most immediate items are VP Brian Wakefield taking over the CIO role and Larry Satterlee moving into the brand-new position of Technical Account Manager (TAM). What does this mean for your business?

Brian is a veteran employee with more than 40 years of business and technical expertise under his belt. He will help guide strategic decisions in your company when it comes to your technology. No matter the challenge, Brian will be you Chief Information Officer providing data and helping make informed decisions on tech budgets, roll out, etc.

The position of TAM drives home the value of the deployed tech. Larry will visit with all levels of the company and look for ways to better implement the technology you already have. Then, make recommendations to the CIO about ways to improve processes and any tech needed to accomplish that task. This provides our partners with a 2-person deep CIO team on top of the full IT department BTS provides.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

It means no more tech headaches. No vetting applications and technology in a vacuum with too little information. Maximizing tech to make employees as efficient as possible. It means having a full fledged department dedicated to your success without any of the HR hassles, vendor meetings, and every little detail that eats up valuable time.

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