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Helping Law Firms Go Green and Increase Productivity by Utilizing Unified Communications

October 17th, 2022 by William Wentowski

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Leading Business Technology Provider Changes the Way Law Firms Communicate

BIRMINGHAM, AL – BTS Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of unified communications, announced today that the company is placing special emphasis on bringing its innovative technology and applications to the rapidly growing legal industry. BTS has a number of valuable communications and data networking solutions that support the needs of the legal community. These solutions have the unique ability of increasing productivity while decreasing the firm’s carbon footprint because of the significant impact they have on attorney’s commute times, marketing efforts, reduction of office space and reduction in operational costs. “An attorney’s time is very valuable and anything we can do to increase their efficiency has a dramatic impact to a law firm,” said Roger Wentowski, President of BTS. “The utilization of technology solutions like Unified Communications enhances a firm’s green initiatives by drastically reducing the use of paper, reducing travel by utilizing video conferencing or web collaboration and allowing attorneys to receive calls, faxes and voicemails anytime, anywhere. This allows attorneys to work from home, at the courthouse or while they are visiting a client at their residence, while still providing the quality experience that both the firm and their clients have come to expect.”

Unified Communication solutions provide a number of impressive benefits which increase productivity in law firms. One example is presence management, which informs assistants and partners of where the attorneys are located at all times. Another is call recording, which allows lawyers to save recordings to client files and email them internally. Conference call management integrates with Microsoft Outlook and call attached data tracks who called and other various statistics as well. Fax-to- email and the ability to schedule outgoing faxes through a fax server lower telecommunication costs help businesses go paperless. Furthermore, businesses can benefit multiple office connectivity through VoIP, which unifies all incoming and outgoing communication. Additionally, law firms benefit significantly because attorneys are no longer tethered to a desk when they take advantage of Unified Communications’ mobile capabilities. Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, enable law firms to increase productivity in a myriad of other ways as well.

The Unified Communications interface has been developed with the end user’s specific needs in mind. This essentially means that the front- end of these systems are extremely easy to operate regardless of the individual’s age or technical know- how. The advanced technology is hidden within each solution and may be managed internally by the organization’s IT department or by certified team of Unified Communications professionals. “Legal is a very unique industry and we have partnered with leading Unified Communication manufacturers who make these solutions cost effective by integrating all these capabilities into a single box solution,” added Roger Wentowski. “The types of solutions we offer greatly benefit law firms as well as make the lives of their attorneys easier and less stressful.”

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