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July 26th, 2017 by William Wentowski

As part of our larger efforts to help customers combat cyber threats, we are sharing our e-book - "5 Common Disasters that Strike Small Businesses." It is a quick overview of the, you guessed it, most common ways business data is stolen, damaged and lost. One of those ways is through cyber-attacks such as ransomware.

Ransomware as a concept has been around for several decades. In recent years, it affected mostly large IT-heavy institutions. 2016 saw a spike in activity for more average users in the form of Cryptolocker, which demanded bitcoin payments. They managed to cash in on over $30 million dollars over just 100 days!


More recently, WannaCry attacked hundreds of thousands of IT networks across the world. It preyed on machines that haven't upgraded their Windows machines and installed necessary protections. As noted in our eBook (have you downloaded it yet?), Ransomware attacks were up 6000% in 2016. It is only getting worse, and your business needs to take steps to prevent it and the more steps you take the better.

In addition to our eBook, we'll also be offering more user training on cyber security measures you can make and available IT solutions. We want to make sure you and your employees are educated on the do's and don'ts of IT security.

We're happy to share our industry knowledge with everyone, especially if it helps you improve and protect your business. Have a topic you'd like us to write more about? Our team at BTS would be happy to write a new eBook about any IT area you're interested in!

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