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Easy & Secure Cloud Access

March 16th, 2017 by William Wentowski

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Just like the title says, nowadays everyone expects easy and secure access to the internet and their favorite applications. This is especially important for businesses trying to get the competitive edge. Through our partnership with CloudJumper, we can offer desktop virtualization, cloud storage, data security, and mobile access wherever you go. Without the cloud, employees might send documents and materials that they need to access later to their business or private email. Or they would use their own devices to bring data or access applications on the go. This opens up holes in your IT security and risks former employees still having access to sensitive materials. We think it is better to use a secure platform that doesn't lead to private copying of files or communications for easier access.

With a Workstation as a Service (WaaS) cloud solution, you can access a virtualized version of your company desktop from anywhere, anytime. Your data and applications come with you, with everything right where you are used to finding it. Your productivity improves and your frustration with technology decreases. You can access your emails, Microsoft programs, software, files, and internal company systems just as easily as if you were sitting at your own desk. To support the additional load on your IT network, BTS recommends conducting a full assessment of your business IT infrastructure to ensure that its ready to handle new bandwidth requirements and business expectations. Then we can work together with you to find the right cloud solution, including data storage, anti-virus, and application management - without the hefty investment in equipment and infrastructure. The end goal will be to bring your business to a faster way of working together, anywhere and anytime.

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