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Biggest Threat to Cyber Security: Your Employees 

February 3rd, 2021 by William Wentowski

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It is no secret that new dangers plague every industry when regarding cyber security. Everyday there is a new ransomware or crypto virus will grind day to day activities to a halt. Even with the great strides in security the past few years, many companies are overlooking their biggest weakness. Employees. Most companies believe that if they have the latest and greatest innovations in cyber security, that they are completely safe from any data hack or breach. This is rarely the case.

No matter how your organization handles their current IT, consistent employee training must occur on a quarterly, preferably monthly, basis.

Owners believe that if their firewall is up to date, they should have no problem securing their network. This false sense of security could end up being your businesses downfall. It takes very little for a hacker to launch a simple phishing attempt, to gather information that should never be shared with others. Major hospitals across the US dealt with this last year, with a hacker sending an email claiming to be the security division of the organization. It took all of 30 minutes for those criminals to receive usernames and passwords from active users and have complete access to these organizations network.

The scariest aspect is hackers are increasingly sophisticated and nuanced in their approach. Disguising email addresses so they appear to be coming from within the organization as their victims; even from major organizations such as Microsoft or Apple, causing havoc. BTS Technologies is on the forefront of this fight with training to help people easily identify these attacks. Whether it be with our phishing email training, webinars, or dark web scans to see what data has already been compromised. This training is crucial for every business moving forward and is something that all owners and CEO’s need to take seriously.

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