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Keeping Vital Business Data Safe

June 20th, 2018 by William Wentowski

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Depending on your business, you’re likely creating much more data each day than you realize. That data can take on many different forms: bank transactions, budgets, personnel data, contracts, product designs, customer details, sales leads, progress reports, and project plans, to name a few. Losing just one day’s worth can be quite inconvenient. Imagine losing months’ or years’ worth of hard work, all in one go!

Unfortunately, that happens far too often. All it takes is for one of your servers to get corrupted or for a natural disaster to damage your IT system and -poof- the data is gone...

Most Businesses Make Regular Backups for Just This Reason, but Unfortunately, That’s Not Enough

A truly secure business continuity plan includes automatic backups, stored both on- and off-site. That’s why we recommend the SleepEZ backup and disaster recovery solution. If anything happens to your on-site data, SleepEZ lets us quickly get you up and running again. With a regular backup plan, you might end up having to redo all the work of the past few hours or weeks. SleepEZ stores the latest version of your data, ensuring minimal delays and frustrations.

Studies have shown that most businesses don’t survive long-term network outages or data loss after a catastrophe. Don’t be one of those businesses! Learn more about our data recovery and protection solutions today.

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