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Increase Network Efficiency with an Internet Use Policy

April 23rd, 2018 by Roger Wentowski

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Have you ever noticed that every day, maybe just before lunchtime, the internet at your workplace slows down significantly? You might just chalk it up to coincidence but if you really take a close look you also might find that this is one of your least productive times of the day and yet it's taking the greatest drain on your company's network. What's going on here? Well, what could be happening is your employees' are experiencing a common afternoon lull so they turn to things like watching online videos on their office computer to help pass the time. Either that or perhaps you've just upgraded your internet at your office and yet the speeds are remaining slow and clunky. Have you ever looked at what websites are being accessed at your office? Maybe you've got a couple people who love to stream internet radio to keep themselves motivated. There's nothing inherently wrong with these online activities, except when they slow down your network and reduce your overall efficiency.

Having a Well Thought Out and Comprehensive Internet Use Policy in Place Is Critically Important

Online activities that drive your business need to take priority over activities like watching online videos during breaktime. When you work with BTS we can put into place firewalls that prevent access to sites which can put a drain on your network in order to keep your business running efficiently.

The great thing about working with experts like BTS is that we can create custom permissions for different users based on accessibility needs. For instance, do you perhaps have training videos uploaded to an online video sharing website that employees need access to when they're just getting started? We can customize your firewall so certain computers or users have access to these site in order for you to properly run your training. Anytime you need to grant certain employees temporary or permanent access to generally banned websites we can do that so that you have a firewall and policy in place that works for you!

Contact us today and let us help you make your network more secure and more efficient.

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