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Cyber Security - a Threat That Can Bring Your Business Down

August 12th, 2022 by Roger Wentowski

A hacker in a gray hooded sweatshirt and a face covering using a laptop to steal information

While you might have taken the strongest measures to ensure that your house remains safe and no burglar enters it, have you done the same for your business?

The risk of a cyber security threat is something that we cannot deny. Over the years, with advancing technology, such risks have increased too. It is essential for companies, both big and small, to take measures that ensure their company's security and all associated with it.

What is Cyber Security?

Data is the main asset for any company or an efficiently running business. This information and data is the foundation of the company and quite literally something that the company requires to function. Hence, securing it is always a top priority.

Cyber Security is a method and means of protecting this data, information, and systems from any harm or malware to ensure that the company keeps on running efficiently.

However, these threats aren't of a single type and come in many forms. Want to know the various types of cyber threats? Read on to learn more.

What are the Different Types of Cyber Security Threats?

Cyber threats have kept up with the pace of advancing technology and, over the years, have taken various forms. To fight against cyber security, you should first know some of its many different types. Some of the many cyber security threats are mentioned below:


One name you might come across in the cyber threat world is malware. Malware is a form of malicious software in which any file or computer program can be used to harm the system.


Ransomware is another form of malware. Ransomware enables the attacker to lock the user out of their systems or essential files and asks for money before granting access back to the user.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is one name you may not have heard much about but is still pretty standard. This cyberattack relies on human interaction and tricks users into signing or logging into important or secured documents and then stealing sensitive information.


Phishing is also a subtype of social engineering. In this type of cyberattack, the user receives a text or email from a fraudulent sender, who tricks them into believing that he belongs to a known source or reputable company. A professionally structured email or letter tricks the person into sending confidential information like credit card numbers or bank pins.

Spear Phishing

This form of phishing directly targets an intended user, business, or organization and is relatively quick and efficient in gaining the information they need.

Insider Threats

The threat arises in the form of humans who have access inside the company or to the company's data. These humans or associates can steal the information directly from the company and sell it to others outside for any price they want.

Advanced Persistent Threats

The advanced persistent threats are prolonged attacks. The attacker in this cyberattack infiltrated a system a long time back and remains undetected. Once they find the best opportunity to steal the data, they make a move and take away all the information from you.

Distributed Denial of Service

In this type of cyberattack, multiple systems overwhelm the traffic capacity of the targeted system. The attacker floods the system with more requests than the system can handle, slowing down or crashing the system and preventing legitimate traffic from accessing it. Ultimately, this harms the company and leads to massive losses.

Man in the Middle

This cyberattack refers to an attacker intercepting data in the middle of a transmission. An attacker would simultaneously be conveying messages between two parties for its benefit, while the two parties would believe that they are communicating.

Through this cyberattack, the attacker can benefit from two parties with a single stone.

BTS Technologies - The Best Cyber Security Service in Town

Now that you know how many cyber security threats there are and how easily they can intercept your systems and steal your data, it is time you get serious about your company's cyber safety.

Cyber threats are real, and if you are a small business that believes you won't become a target because of your lack of data, that is entirely untrue. According to statistics, small businesses are more prone to being attacked because they lack the resources to protect themselves. It is about time to opt for a good service provider.

BTS Technologies has been providing people with the best cyber security services for years. From keeping an eye on your systems 24/7 to getting rid of any threat before it becomes harmful, it is our specialty. Contact us today!

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