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BTS Technologies Delivers a Migration Path to New Technology

September 21st, 2013 by Technology Assurance Group

BTS Technologies is helping businesses prepare to migrate from Windows XP and the Office 2003 suite of programs to more sustainable solutions. Many businesses have relied heavily on both these solutions to run their businesses, but after ten years of support these programs will no longer be supported. According to Microsoft, Windows XP SP3 and office 2003 will completely go out of support on April 8, 2014.

This change has dramatic implications for the business world. It means that many businesses that were merely running outdated software will now be powering their businesses with obsolete technology. Aside from the inability to access support and solve software issues as they arise, this change means that businesses who continue to utilize these tools will be exposed to unnecessary security risks. More than anything, this change is a call to action. Businesses need to understand where they are, where they need to be and how to get there. The best way to make this transition is with the assistance of a Microsoft Certified Partner.

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