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Reserve IT

  • Technical Expertise
  • Fixed Cost
  • Security Centric

Good in-house IT teams are the best answer for some businesses and industries. However, shrinking budgets and increasing support demands can run an excellent IT group into the ground. Reserve IT, or co-managed, allows the good IT departments to become great.

BTS takes the mundane, but critical tasks, of patches, security updates, backups etc. and owns them so staff can focus on the bigger picture.

Reserve IT is flexible allowing in-house staff to focus on initiatives and direct support that improve business and the bottom line. Your team can regain time to work on certifications and training to stay current. Your IT team will also benefit from our broader exposure, allowing BTS to bring best practices and thought leadership to them.

Emergencies require extra hands, and Reserve IT provides the additional smart hands your staff needs. Natural and man-made disasters ratchet up the demands on IT staff. Having an excellent MSP to support them means everyone can get back to work sooner. Additionally, you return control of your IT, which for some companies is a great comfort when working to recover from unforeseen (but planned for) events.


BTS helps bring order to the chaos of IT and asset management. We assist staff in inventorying and documenting, providing both companies a central repository. Once documented, we can assist staff in making more informed decisions and help avoid waste in both real dollars and time looking for answers.

Recharge Time

Staff need breaks, but IT needs are 24/7. This makes taking a relaxing and recharging vacation difficult for staff. Support time is increased, and the risk of costly downtime looms large when staff are unavailable for extended periods. Reserve IT, when scheduled, allows BTS to step into Tier 1 through Tier 3 support allowing in-house staff time to recharge and business to run efficiently.

Lower Hard Costs

Payroll taxes, insurance, benefits, all add up quickly. Competent Tier 2 and 3 personnel cost upwards of $60,000 a year (Alabama dollars) and are still constrained by all the issues mentioned above. Augmenting your staff with Reserve IT provides experienced personnel, with less onboarding delay, and at a lower cost. Support costs on Reserve IT average $40 per user.

*Reserve IT assumes customer has 1+ full time technical employee who provides IT support for staff.

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