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Essentials Care

“BTS is a tech company that focuses on client relationships. They demonstrate this focus by treating each call with respect and compassion.” Leslie A.

  • Technical Expertise
  • Fixed Cost
  • On-site/Hybrid
  • Security Centric

IT services have changed dramatically over the decades from break fix to a fully managed model. Today, managed IT is the minimum requirement for a tech company and the bare minimum to provide businesses with a competitive advantage. Migrating to the cloud is the next step for companies looking to widen the competitive gap; however, timing is not always in their favor.

Essentials Care provides everything a business needs from a managed technology company while also putting them on the path to modernization.

We work hand in hand with our customers to support their existing infrastructure so that when the time is right they can go to a hybrid cloud / on-site model or full cloud deployment.

Business technology requires 4 broad but essential items in IT:

  • Proven Data Back-up
  • Monitoring, Patching, & Updating
  • Cyber Security (firewall, training, antivirus, etc.)
  • Exceptional Support (24/7, trained & friendly techs)

Essentials Care from BTS delivers on each of those items providing your business with the secure IT support your staff needs to increase efficiency and your bottom line.

Data Back-Up

Data back-up is the last line of defense from accidents to malicious cyber threats. However, a back-up is only good if it works, and many back-ups are “set and forget” in the background but never verified. Not only do we ensure that all your mission critical data is backed up, but we ensure those same back-ups are useable and uncorrupted.

Monitoring, Patching & Updating

IT systems are only as secure and reliable as the maintenance performed on them. We deliver every critical patch and update in a timely fashion, without interrupting your employees preventing unnecessary and costly downtime. Adding to your bottom line starts here and increases as we expand IT management.

Cyber Security

Having a comprehensive cyber security solution in place is mission critical for organizations of every size. The damage caused to your brand, customers, and revenues is dramatic and preventing a breach is of utmost importance. We deploy the latest in firewalls, user training, antivirus, and a myriad of other measures to ensure your company’s security meets the NIST framework.

Exceptional Support

At BTS we require a minimum on 80 hours of additional training every year for all out positions. It is because of this training and our stringent hiring practices that your business receives the best support in the industry. Our staff is ready to tackle any problem you have with the skills to fix it correctly and quickly.

  • Quarterly Meetings (at a minimum)
  • Office Site Selection/Remote Workforce Expansion
  • Advise and Implement Business Expansion
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO)
  • Tech Life Cycle Management
  • Tech Deployment Management
  • No Technical Mumbo Jumbo
  • Industry Compliance (HIPAA, PCI, BSA, etc.)
  • Advanced Cyber Security Monitoring
  • Vendor Management and Recommendations
  • Security Reporting
  • Data Reporting
  • Support Reviews

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