We will be closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. As always, the emergency support line will be open.

Computers for Kids

Computers for Kids is wrapping up for the school year. We are no longer accepting individual donations at this time as we work through the back-log of computers we have received. Thank you to everyone in the community for your generous support!

We are no longer taking requests for computers

The wait list is over 1,000 individuals. We are working diligently to provide as many computers as possible; but will not be able to fulfill all requests. If you have made a request and not received a computer, we suggest looking into other programs or options at this time.

Computers for Kids has been a great success! With the extreme need presented by this crisis, BTS is looking into ways we can make a more sustained impact on the issue of technology in schools. We look forward to helping school systems deliver the technology their students need!

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