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Telephone / VoIP

The introduction of Cloud Voice over IP (VoIP) changed telecommunications forever. However, it highlighted a substantial hole in customer needs. Many solutions are one-size-fits-none with little direct support and worse implementation. The BTS TotalVoice suite of services provides VoIP technologies that deliver.

For many companies, phones are still a vital part of their business. If the phones stop working, sales stop, and customers service is hampered. A properly designed telecommunications system is not only resilient, thanks to the Cloud, it will help you better communicate with your end customers. Whether via more effective inbound call processing, a call center, a professional auto attendant, website integrations, or a more flexible workforce.

BTS will implement the voice technologies that control costs, increase revenues, and improve customer satisfaction.

Alabama companies have relied on BTS to provide the best in phone system solutions and the TotalVoice suite delivers unparalleled outcomes.

Business Features

  • No Contract/Term
  • Fixed Monthly Pricing
  • Remote Workforce Ready
  • Robust Support & Training
  • Microsoft Teams Integration
  • Usage Reports for Business Intelligence

TotalVoice Features

  • Mobile Client
  • Desktop Client
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Call Center Capabilities
  • Simple to Advanced Call Handling
  • Anywhere Visual Voicemail + Transcription

Hundreds of features and configurations customized to your needs backed by our industry leading Satisfaction Guarantee:

Satisfaction Guarantee

As the technology leader, we know what it takes to earn your business and make you grow. However, if we ever get it wrong, and you are unhappy with the relationship between our companies within the first 6 months and wish to change providers BTS will refund 100% of our implementation costs and ensure a smooth transition.

There are three reasons to invest in technology. To improve quality of life, increase efficiency, and create a competitive advantage. TotalVoice provides all three. Additionally, our team of Advocates and Technicians are dedicated to your success and will leverage the technology to meet your specific goals. This is no cookie cutter, “it just works” VoIP solution, but a complete communications overhaul to set your business apart.

Zultys and BTS Technologies

Here at BTS, we really like Zultys. A decade ago, business communications meant office telephones. Today, it’s about bringing it all together.

Learn more about BTS and Zultys

Number Safety

The biggest possible disaster when switching services is the loss of critical phone numbers during the porting process. BTS safeguards your numbers through our No Phone Number Lost Policy. We take extra pains to protect your numbers and information during number ports. We triple check the paperwork as it goes through our porting process and have a trained technician monitoring every port to ensure that you do not lost a single number.


The DIY ship you a phone and hope for the best providers throw down the lowest possible pricing and hope to lock you into contracts to receive even steeper discounts on poor service. Other providers do not mention pricing because their solution is “too unique / custom”. Our solutions start as low as sub $20 per user, but the typical deployment with desired / needed features averages $35 per user.

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