Every business needs cybersecurity and they need more than a simple managed security setup. Businesses that are concerned with cybersecurity need an active, holistic approach to security that is more than smoke and mirrors "managed" services.

Security for every size network

There are more threats than ever, and BTS will provide you peace of mind that your network is secure, resilient, and contingency plans are in place. We craft networks for maximum resiliency using multiple layers of Back-up and Disaster Recovery (BDR, also good for natural disasters) as a foundation supporting our end to end management.

A Playbook for Success

We not only wrote the book on cybersecurity, we customized it to your organization. Whether you need to meet stringent compliance guidelines and training or want to create the Fort Knox of your industry BTS will take you there. We will provide a comprehensive look at your network today and what we need to implement to secure it, matching it with your organizational needs.

Security Culture

Not only do we actively prepare the network to withstand intrusion, we prepare your employees. We go beyond the canned training videos and provide live in person and virtual training to instill security in your company culture and we won't stop there. We will work closely with your management to ensure security is taken seriously and adopted by every member of your staff.

Internal Security

IT vendors are the new source of breaches and BTS won't settle for that. We take our own security seriously, so you don't have to worry about us. We are committed to ensuring our partner networks cannot affect each other and that our employees are not the vector for breaches higher in your network infrastructure. Our policies and procedures are demanding to make sure your network stays safe.

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