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BTS Technologies offers a wide array of managed services. Our foremost-managed service is managing and maintaining our customer's computers and networks. Today's business requires maximum "up-time" from workstations and the networks that drive successful business. BTS Technologies can do a network analysis along with assessing connectivity needs to streamline our customers' networks with the possibility of reducing costs.

A managed computer and network solution from BTS allows our customers to focus on business rather than worrying about the state of their systems.

A few additional services we provide:

Managed IT Services

Remote Care – Fully covers everything possible that we can do to address the problem on a remote basis.

Complete Care – Includes Remote Care as well as all time physically spent on premises.

Our Complete Care product covers everything related to your IP at a fixed cost. Every month your IT costs what it costs. Not only does this get you an IT department, instead of an IT person. This also puts the onus on BTS: with hourly billing there's a conflict of doing a good, thorough job and minimizing billing. With Complete Care we can spend the necessary time to completely address any situation without you experiencing a massive spike in billing.

Network Service Plans (PDF)

Managed Voice Services Program

The Managed Voice Services Program (MVSP) from BTS Technologies provides a peace of mind to any business. The constant software upgrades of new phone systems and making sure the new IP system interacts appropriately with the computer network can be a hassle. MVSP eliminates this hassle by bundling the hardware, software, and technical support into a budgetable monthly payment. It takes all the worry out of using leading technology solutions in a business. It means a business can do what makes them money and let BTS Technologies deal with the headaches.

The nature of the program means that a business does not have to own technology that will become obsolete and difficult to support. Through the MVSP, BTS Technologies can take the existing system and upgrade it to a newer model/version or change it out for technology that better meets our business partners' needs. No longer will there be a ten year old system failing when it is most needed.

Contact BTS Technologies to see how MVSP can benefit your business and its telecommunication needs.

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