HD Video Conferencing

No matter what your business is, it has one asset that is worth more than anything you are carrying in inventory – information. Information like analysis on operating more efficiently, inspirational guidance from executives, telepresence, strategy for training your sales force or developing successful employees, and so much more.


LifeSize knows better than most – information is only useful if it can get into the right hands. It is why for years, we have offered our powerful HD video communication services to businesses of all sizes. Around the world, thousands of companies are using LifeSize Video Conference Equipment to communicate timely, business critical information at an unsurpassed level of quality and price for performance.

Video & Audio Endpoints

Organizations are more and more embracing personal and room-based HD video conferencing solutions in addition to larger telepresence systems, because the true value of video conferencing is realized when video is broadly accessible.

LifeSize shares the Logitech vision that HD Video should be available to anyone, anywhere. That's why LifeSize focuses on delivering HD video systems that blend high-quality experience, superior flexibility, and lowest total cost of ownership.

Choose from a complete range of HD video solutions to fit any need, including full-scale telepresence, room and office, personal, integrated HD video communications, and PC desktop systems.

Management Software & Infrastructure

Communicating via video with employees, vendors and clients requires video conferencing infrastructure in order to record video sessions, conduct large multiparty video calls, tunnel through firewalls and manage bandwidth and other functions. Video conferencing infrastructure gives you the tools to do more – to communicate faster and more efficiently, to reach more people and to maximize the performance of your existing video technologies.

With LifeSize video infrastructure products, IT leaders have more flexibility in how they deploy, manage and expand video collaboration on a larger scale. It's infrastructure without the complexity, requiring less time and fewer resources.

Unlike large, complex and expensive systems that can often sit idle, the streamlined, easy-to-use LifeSize architecture drives widespread usage in any environment – from the conference room to the home office or mobile device.

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