Comdial DX-80

Note: Change the clock from the attendant's station -- usually extension 10, 100, or the first extension in the extension number range (i.e., 200 for 200 to 299 range , etc.) -- with handset resting on the cradle and the phone not in use.

Note: [back], [next], [show], [chg], [bksp], and [save] refer to the three buttons below the LCD display.

  • Enter Database Administration by pressing the FEATURE, #, * buttons
  • Dial ######## (admin password)
  • Press [show]
  • Dial 0814
  • Press [save]
  • Press [show]
  • Press [next] until hour is displayed
  • Press [chg]
  • Dial 2 digits for hour based on 24-hour clock
  • Press [save]
  • If you are done lift and replace handset to reset phone, or press [chg] to set minutes
  • Dial 2 digits for minutes
  • Press [save]
  • Lift and replace handset

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