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How Big-Name Telecommunication Carriers Are Charging You More For Your Internet and Business Phone Systems

September 4th, 2019 by William Wentowski

Business people in a conference room

Many businesses, both large and small, typically lean towards big-name carriers to take care of their internet, network, and phone services; however, they fail to realize that these carriers are working in their own best interest. This means that...

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Benefit from our Network Audit

January 5th, 2018 by William Wentowski


With 2018 upon us, we recommend taking a look at your IT system. Ideally, you should have a regular assessment of your network completed every year. BTS Technologies offers a comprehensive review, where we check network performance, carrier bills, required...

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Carrier Chaos

December 19th, 2017 by David Dick

Frustrated man on hold

When was the last time you had to call ATT, Charter, or whoever about your telephone or internet bill? Remind you of a trip to the dentist with an added tension headache? Did you spend an hour on the phone searching for the right person or department?...

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Reviewing Your Service Providers

November 2nd, 2017 by William Wentowski

business professionals sitting at table

With all the recent mergers and acquisitions across the communications industry, we've issued a recommendation to customers -- Beware of predatory carrier representatives out there using scare tactics! They will tell you that your provider is no longer...

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